How to check your oil

    Remember to check your oil about every 1000 Miles. Make it a habit before every long journey.

    The optimal oil level means :

  • You increase your engine's efficiency and cut fuel consumption.
  • You reduce premature wear of engine components.
  • You inhibit the formation of deposits and limit the development of corrosion.
  • You reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere.
  • Choosing the right oil is important for the performance and the life of your engine.

    Your oil consumption depends on :

  • Your type of vehicle.
  • Your style of driving.
  • The mechanical conditions of your engine.
  • The weather conditions: If your oil consumption is more than 1 liter of oil per 1000 Miles, you should contact your garage .
  • How to do ?

  • Check your oil on level ground. Wait at least 5 minutes after switching off the engine.
  • Remove the dipstick
  • Wipe it. Replace and wait a few seconds before removing it again
  • Check the level with reference to the MIN and MAX marks. You should add oil if the level is below the MAX mark.
  • Add the oil a little at a time
  • Recheck the level and repeat the operation until it reaches the MAX mark. But don't go above it ! Replace the dipstick.
  • Recheck your oil level about every 1000 km. And have a good journey.