About Us


Initiate its activities in the year 1992 with the goal of forming a company of industrial consultancy in lubrication, supply of lubricants and associated services with the innovative concept of covering absolutely all the lubrication needs for any type of manufacturing plant.

Under these premises, service is the foundation of our company which is the main difference between the other companies in the country.

We are committed to operate inside the System of Quality Management of ÖLTEC, continually improving its effectiveness, exceeding the expectations of our clients and offering products and services with state of the art technology.

Our vision is the Consolidation of ÖLTEC as a nationwide leader, as the best technical consultancy in lubrication with an efficient and always the most appropriate supply of products with state of the art technology.

Our mission is to maintain an engineering service that assures solutions in the area of maintenance and productive processes, and when possible, anticipate ideas of improvement to avoid failures and losses of time and money.

Our Philosophy is:

1. The supplying of products and services with state of the art technology.

2. Maintaining high internal communication within the organization.

3. Maintaining a high level of technological knowledge.

4. Covering always the requests of our customers regarding lubrication and

5. Transmitting to our customers the endorsement of the world most important
lubrication company.

6. Conserving the high spirit of service to our external and internal customers.

7. Conserving high values: Responsibility, Uprightness, Respect, Consistency
Speed, Integrity and High Level of Business ethics.